what I wrote to him! and I don't know whyyyyyyyy OMG kill me!


i'll tell you why I disappeared from your list and I bet you didn't believe me anyway, I once liked you as a person, felt like there is someone who understands me and with whom it was so easy to talk to. The more I talked to you the more I liked you, but then I had to put an end to it, because it wasn't real. You didn't know me, I didn't know you and I didn't believe it. It is silly as fuck, I know. and childish, very childish. I wanted you to move on, and find a real one, the one who'll you love and be loved by you, because you are, in my opinion, a great person and I wanted you to be happy although I knew I'll miss you. And I did miss you. I don't know if you ever thought about me or not, but it doesn't matter. 

But now I added you again, don't ask why. I guess I just wanted to know if you are alive and happy. However, it is not as it used to be. and will never be because people change as time changes. Right now Im being pathetic and rediculous, writing to you every day. I guess I'll stop after this message. I don't like to be annoying and it's funny looking at myself trying to get your attention. And this wasn't supposed to be so long. Sorry. I'm thinking about deleting it right now, so if you got it, I guess I am brave enough to talk about my feelings..(: You can laugh or whatever, it is ok. I just wanted you to know. And I see that you are happy and moved on, which is great. I'm honestly happy for you(:


Ok, I don't know why I did it, but I don't regret it. Whatever will happen is meant to happen...


im sorry that i have been distant, but its hard for me to try and balance everything… i liked u to… u feel like a very nice person. or i know u are… even thou u are beeing silly right now ur an amazing person and u also need to find someone. and i know u will. whith that cute face im accually touched that u think of me like u do. and i do think that u are brave for shearing those feelings… i have been thinking where u are now. and i know. better times will come anyways. im happy that u added me again. why loose contact with a nice person like u i remember that we had great chats… and i know u are an honest and beautiful person on inside and outside.




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