so let's get my heart organized vol. forgot which one(:

D.l — deleted from my life, didn't think about him until recently. Just some good moments you know, but nothing special. It is even funny now how obsessed with him I was!

K.d — oh, I never wrote about him here. If I wrote this post about 2 weeks ago, you would probably hear how much I like him and how hot he is. But now it's nothing. How fast it is with me, huh? Once I stop liking a guy, I stop. He should be a damn fine guy in order for me to keep him in my mind forever!

I.n — This guy is weird but still hot. I remeber writing about his eyes. Yes, they are still there(: And damnnn his eyes! They are to die for! I won't say that I like him and want him as a boyfriend (too Bulgarian for me) but I definitely WANT him! (if you know what I mean

and this is it. I can't think of any other guys I like. I'm just glad the semester is almost over and summer is approaching. Will try to write more here(;

Until then,

Bizu Bizu

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