Let's embrace the point of no return...

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my «sims» got independent i guess..

(p.s. for all of you nice commenters, please don't try to understand this cz this is not meant for you, thank you very much..)


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Любви не хватает так, что больно.. 

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bad wine.

Bitter taste of wine on your lips. Perhaps, it wasn't as good as the lady in the store said. Perhaps, I am more concentrated on its quality than the very juncture.

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alphabet my mind.

A as in Artem

B as in Bora but no more

C as in Current state of mind

D as in Destiny.

E as in everlasting love making

F as in Fuck or Make love or both

G as in god, exists?

H as in heart my ass

I as in I'm possible

J as in justify

K as in knowledge is the only matter that matters

L as in love, as banal as it might sound, but love

M as in money, unfortunately, can buy some part of the happiness

N as in not all parts of the happiness, fortunately, can be bought

O as in over-analyzing is my biggest weakness

P as in past haunts

Q as in quality over quantity

R as in rarity of originality

S as in salted caramel

T as in the name of my father

U as in universe and I

V as in very

W as in we are not alone

X as in xxx after your emails

Y as in Y U SO FAR AWAY?

Z as in zero, how much this post makes sense.

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Y as in yes.

I origins. Does it mean that the choices I make now can depend on the choices I made in the past? Or would it be better to say my soul?

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Didn't expect much from J.Bieber buttt..I do like it!

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Social introvert

Sometimes I forget to say some words because in my mind I already had that conversation.

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negative friends101

This one friend of mine is so negative. Everytime I say something she has 10 paragraphs to say back. Really? Maybe your life is not that good, I understand, but it doesn't mean you have to make others' a hell. Advice to everyone: get rid of negative people in your life. Run away from them or they will make you feel miserable all the time.

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Now you know I'm doing well.

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