yay or ney.

There is some beauty and grace in loneliness.

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Some people have beautiful eyes, some beautiful soul. Some both. 

Some have something to say, some don't. Some dead.


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Current state: In need of long-term relationship!

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I wish you more magical moments in your life! Love and be loved no matter if you have someone special or not.

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I was born sick but I love it.

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4am kind of thoughts.

Gotta stay positive. Positive vibes only, did u hear that, Karina?

I would say I am doing pretty good at ignoring negativity and keeping my mind in order now but sometimes...sometimes happens.

14 of February is coming, and, hey, feeling good up to this point. We'll see what will happen next!

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/Into dat Dutch music lately/

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That lonely planet of mine.

Is it ok to feel very very lonely? Is it ok to feel jealous of my friends talking to their loved ones every day and night? Is it ok to simply want to be loved and cared about? I always thought I'll find my significant other at the university, just like my parents did. But here I am, almost graduating...alone...

Do things change? Do miracles happen? I wait for it every year but, it seems, that the more I wait the less faith I have in me finding love. 

Free cats, anyone? Seems like I'll need one!


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me, myself and my 4am "deep" thoughts.

1. I don't like to say 'thank you' to 'bless you' when I sneeze. So I secretly get weirdly happy when people don't hear me sneezing. I don't know, this whole idea of people reacting on my organism's reaction (probably on your perfume or dust around your brain lol) seems to be fake. People do not actually care (well most of them) about someone's health. People are, generally, pretty egoistic creatures. Therefore, «thank you» is not something I want to say to fake «bless you», as sad as it might sound. *Sorry not sorry.

2. My tendency of leaving everything mid-way-done drives me nutts. «Oh, nice article, let me rea.., oh, another one, oh, maybe I want some coffee!» Maybe it's just my tendency of being easily distructed or lack of attention ability? I have no idea but I have to stop this. Now!

3. I need a plan. Plan for life. Plan for school, food, clothing, everything. I need to start living smart. Waking up early. Getting shit done.

4. I like books, magazines, brochures, notebooks, all IN PRINT. I am a feeler! Feeler? Is there even such word? Basically, I need to touch in order to feel. Period. Give me paperrr!

Now, I need to sleep!(:

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I don't know why but I'm sooo pissed and mad at everybody, including myself! No time management, no thinking of future, no responsibility. What the hell is wrong with me? And maybe this is why I'm pissed at everyone else. Because they get everything done and right and I don't!

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