Things that make me happy

This is just a short list of things that make me happy, which I have to read when I feel miserable.

1. Tumblr — this is how my brain relaxes. Seriously! It just melts into this pot of amazingly beautiful and perfect idealized pictures of lives we all crave!

2. Youtube beauty gurus. Yup, I love YouTube land(: But not all beauty gurus, just those with lovely personalities. Some of them are:





and many more, they are just so fun to watch!

3. Movies — I loveee Gossip Girl and Clique and Clueless and LOL. Those movies are just my pick up mood boosters moosters and all that fluffy things(: I knowww they're girlish, I knowww there are better movies than those but I just love them! So yeah!

4. I like looking good and polished. I like my nails to be done and my makeup and hair PERF, it just makes me feel confident --> good -->happy!

5. Compliments and positive people. I know my face doesn't always scream positivity but I try to be when I can and like positive people around me.

6. All the warm/winterish/yummy drinks like coffees and hot chocolates and blah blah blah. I like to come up with new ideas and try out new things!

7. Which brings me to DIY projects. Wheather it is a food DIY or room decoration, I love it. It is something that always made me happy!

8. Sleeping. I really need sleep to feel better. Therefore, Karina, sleep at least 8 hours per day! PLEASE! Like now! Seriously, it's 3am already!

9. Talking to people I love and miss. Sharing stories and hearing theirs!

10. SHOPPING! Obvi, this is my favorite one lol. I just can't, can't, can't stop buying things. For me it's a life!

For now this is it for this list. Just do what you love and love what you do, Karina! Be happy, please!



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I fucking love my blog!

I honestly fucking do! Every bit of it is amazing. LOL Way to be shy, Karina(:

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I have this sick habit of constantly looking at my phone to see if I have new notifications. Anyone else has that?

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Today I realized...Nov. 14, 2014

WELL, what I realized today wasss:

1. I'm not an accounting person for sure. HOWEVER, it does not free me from studying and trying. Just keep going, you need to get good grades, oi!

2. People grow when their minds grow. Skyping my cousin made me rememeber that. He is still such a kid, not exactly on a right track, but hey we all have chances to change. I know I do too. At least I need to.

3. Talking to people you haven't talk in a while is nice! It is! It makes you inspired somehow. Don't lose connection with people you care or cared about at some point of your life.

4. Passionate people get me going. I instantly catch their energy and I need it right now. Thereforeee? I need more passionate positive people in my life!

5. Badass look. Care but don't. Spend more time trying to make something of yourself and less time trying to impress people. Girls overthink everything. Life is much simpler if you want it to be.

6. 38 days to goooo! Oi?!

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Цитата не моята

Кораблю безопасней в порту, но он не для этого строился.

Hell yeah, go out there, be wild! Kick some asses!

Jay Ellyiot для настроения(;

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Дым Благо в волосах,
Останься со мной еще совсем немного. Совсем чуть-чуть.

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eternal sadness

«I'm always sad.»
«Are there certain thoughts associated with the sadness?»
«No, the sadness is under the thoughts. It's like when you're on a camping trip, and it's really cold, and you put on extra socks, and an extra sweater, but you still can't get warm, because the coldness is in your bones.»
«Do you hope to get away from it?»
«Not anymore. I just hope to come to peace with it.»

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Time for me to realize...

I gotta do something! I am 21 for God's sake! Start a blog! Start have interests! Start living. I am 21. Life is passing by and I can't miss that bitch! That bitch will be mine!

1. summer -> work -> money -> things I want and stuff I need to pay for. Main: Tuition, Mac, Camera, London

2. blog: one for school, one outside. This is what I wanted to do in a while so I just gotta follow my dreams!

3. portfolio. If you like design, do design! As simple as that. website -> portfolio -> projects

4. business. Something I'll have in case of an earthquake. JK, in case of an earthquake you won't have a dang thing but I meant an earthquake in my head. You follow?(:

For now this is what I can think of. This post was super random and came out of the blue. I guess we all have those times of realization sometimes...

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Христос Воскрес!

Христос Воскрес!

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so let's get my heart organized vol. forgot which one(:

D.l — deleted from my life, didn't think about him until recently. Just some good moments you know, but nothing special. It is even funny now how obsessed with him I was!

K.d — oh, I never wrote about him here. If I wrote this post about 2 weeks ago, you would probably hear how much I like him and how hot he is. But now it's nothing. How fast it is with me, huh? Once I stop liking a guy, I stop. He should be a damn fine guy in order for me to keep him in my mind forever!

I.n — This guy is weird but still hot. I remeber writing about his eyes. Yes, they are still there(: And damnnn his eyes! They are to die for! I won't say that I like him and want him as a boyfriend (too Bulgarian for me) but I definitely WANT him! (if you know what I mean

and this is it. I can't think of any other guys I like. I'm just glad the semester is almost over and summer is approaching. Will try to write more here(;

Until then,

Bizu Bizu

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