Time for me to realize...

I gotta do something! I am 21 for God's sake! Start a blog! Start have interests! Start living. I am 21. Life is passing by and I can't miss that bitch! That bitch will be mine!

1. summer -> work -> money -> things I want and stuff I need to pay for. Main: Tuition, Mac, Camera, London

2. blog: one for school, one outside. This is what I wanted to do in a while so I just gotta follow my dreams!

3. portfolio. If you like design, do design! As simple as that. website -> portfolio -> projects

4. business. Something I'll have in case of an earthquake. JK, in case of an earthquake you won't have a dang thing but I meant an earthquake in my head. You follow?(:

For now this is what I can think of. This post was super random and came out of the blue. I guess we all have those times of realization sometimes...

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