Today I realized...Nov. 14, 2014

WELL, what I realized today wasss:

1. I'm not an accounting person for sure. HOWEVER, it does not free me from studying and trying. Just keep going, you need to get good grades, oi!

2. People grow when their minds grow. Skyping my cousin made me rememeber that. He is still such a kid, not exactly on a right track, but hey we all have chances to change. I know I do too. At least I need to.

3. Talking to people you haven't talk in a while is nice! It is! It makes you inspired somehow. Don't lose connection with people you care or cared about at some point of your life.

4. Passionate people get me going. I instantly catch their energy and I need it right now. Thereforeee? I need more passionate positive people in my life!

5. Badass look. Care but don't. Spend more time trying to make something of yourself and less time trying to impress people. Girls overthink everything. Life is much simpler if you want it to be.

6. 38 days to goooo! Oi?!

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The only way to grow, it`s a fight. Yes. Fight against yourself, against the world, against the rules and fake hours. Fight the power, — truly hard, but it's the hight-way for most incredible people. I mean it's no way to create new world, but there many roads to improve yourself. Carry on. No mater what's happening. No mater who you are. Fight da power!
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