Let's get my heart straight.

So here I am. Still writing. Still alone BUT not lonely! I still got my friends and family and my heart is full of love for those people. And I am greatful for having them!

However let's straight things up concerning boys...

B.y. It ended. Long time ago and I have nothing to say about us because there is no us.

I.o. Bulgarian. Lmao. This says everything about him! Not my type but my kind of person. Interesting, funny and smart. I like talking to him but I understand that we are not meant to be together. 

I.n. Dickhead! Seriously! Dickhead. But damnnn his eyes! Flirting is over and all that left is: «Hi, what's up?» Just have to remember that he is a Bulgarian(: AND I'm NOT a nationalist!

D.l. ohhh this one will be hard to explain. I think I got sick of liking him. I think I like the image in my head more than I like him. I have a feeling that he is a player but there is so much history between us I just can't help the memories! Today I still like him more than anyone else but maybe I like him for too long. Maybe I have to move on. And this time I have to mean it!

B.o New friend. Just a friend for now. I don't even know why I included him in this list lmao. I am saving him for my friend because I think he is a good person. He graduated from an Ivy school and he got a good, well paid job. He seems like a nice mature guy and it's what every girl needs. Sustainability.

ohhh and music! Definitely better than all of the guys above!

and of courseeee! How could I not include superamazing and hot Dave Franco(:

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