Realizations of the day

Today I realized:

  • That sometimes it is ok to let yourself sleep for some time longer on the weekends. That's why the weekends exist...Right?
  • That I am a runner...runner in relationships. I want them but in some kind of my weird idealized way. Once I get to know the person closer, he gets boring and excitment along with anticipation leaves me. I run from the person. I cut all the strings and run. Am I afraid of serious relationships? But...why?
  • It is bad for someone to say that he/she likes me because (as I previously stated) I get disinterested.
  • Sometimes you have to look closer and be a better friend.
  • Using fancy words attracts people and makes you look interesting. Why? Because in our world of hashtagging and Justin Bieber, being different, which is reading books and knowing stuff, makes you much more appealing. Sad, huh?
  • There are so many creative people that sometimes I fear of being dull.
  • Sometimes I feel randomly sexy and sometimes I feel when people think I am sexy.
  • Healthy flirting is OK.
  • I like psychology more and more everyday.
  • Deleting some people from my life was for the best.
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