that lonely planet of mine.

It feels like I am loosing that connection I had before with my family. We no longer understand or want to listen to each other. Mother? I can not talk to her for more than 10 min. Brother? He is becoming a teenager and is always pissed off and doesn't want to listen to anyone. Father? I feel like he sees me as a money spender and a spoiled child, however, he is the only one left who I can talk to. 
Feels really bad not to be able to talk about all happening to me with anyone. When would I finally have that person, the one and only, who would understand me, who would hold my hand and never let it go? When will I stop feeling lonely? 
My friends have their own problems and it still feels weird to talk to them about something that is bothering me inside. My family seems to be on a different planet and it seems that they are ok with that. No +1 needed. My friends are closer but still so far away. At the end of the road we all are lonely. We come to this place alone and we leave it alone. Sad.

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It's really so sadly :[
Don't be sad, everything will be good
«In the end everything is always good. If all is bad — it's not the end» :]

you must to look for friends in the internet — it helps to feel a little more fun)

lol thank you. hope you are right(:

yeah, I'm fine, thanks

haha no, I meant hope you are right about what you said. but it's good to know that u're ok too(:

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