So a lot of hours passed since i did my last post/ got you updated/ made myself think you read me (;
How have I been? Same. This is the word that comes to my mind. Nothing really changed. I am still me, no one around, nowhere to go. Homesick right now though. Kinda sick of my uni cz people are the same, classes are the same, nothing ever changes here. So I am so ready for summer to start to work some place new (particularly MA), and so ready to graduate and move to some place interesting. But scared of course. It's funny how I want changes but I am afraid of them..Women(: No logic(:
The good thing is that I am taking a Graphic Design class this semester which is very exciting and hopefully will be very interesting. I am happy to go to every class. I wish I could say the same for my Business classes(:
I feel like wintertime depression is coming soon to visit me. But I am really trying hard to stop it. Music helps. Cold here in BG. Cold in the room. Listen to this beat. 


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