Is that a point?

This morning… How different this morning from all the mornings I had for my 20 years? Overslept a class, walking in my fuzzy socks, sipping coffee and checking facebook. It's not. And this is the point. Everyday becomes a rutine. You don't expect anything new to happen. Everyday will be the way you think it will be. And maybe this is the point. No?

However yesterday I went shopping. Hey, this is a change for the last 2 months! But no, at the end of the day I disappointed my parents anyway. Like I always do. I am not the daughter they wished for, the one they could be proud of. My grades? Suck. My life? Boring. What do I do? Eat and spend money. Spend the money on useless things I don't need. The money my parents earned with their hard work and sleepless nights. Was I happy at that time? Yes, I was. I enjoyed it very much. But who cares about my happiness if I made, people I care about the most, unhappy?

 Everyday is a new day, the new beginning, they say. Maybe instead of turning mountains and living my life the fullest I just have to stop being egoistic and start making my parents proud of me? Is that the point?

I don't know...

I excuse my inner conflict. Just skip it and listen to this very formidable song.

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