random thoughts

1. Visuals are very important to me. Like if I see things I will remember them, if not, sorry!(:

2. Deux. The other day I found a really good tumblr blog about all hot guys and you know, obviously, there were guys with OMGHOT bodies and cute faces. So I tried to analyze who do I like more and if I have a type. And surprisingly I do. Good body is a plus, of course but what really attracts me is eyes. A guy with a sad look or a look full of meaning attracted me more. I guess it is my Mother instinct. I wanted to sooth his pain, kiss him, tell him it'll be alright! LOL yes, I'm not sure why but I'm more attracted to guys with eyes! Haha yeah, guys without eyes don't look right!

3. French music make me believe that everything will be ok. Why? Good question.


4. I understood what an asshole my ex was and I got so happy that he is not in my life anymore(: Maybe I always knew he was an asshole. Sometimes I do that. I close my eyes on things I should pay attention to, when I really like the person.

5. I watched this one video of Michelle Phan and her boyfriend and it made my heart flutter. They are so cute together and the way they met is magical and unplaned. And this is how I want to meet my boyfriend/husband/soulmate.

6. I want to kiss! Like very bad. Anyone. I just want to kiss haha
Ohh and shop too!=p 

7. I google everyEFFINGthing! Before I googled some stuff but not as much as now. Every single word I hesitate about. Every! I didn't google «hesitate» though! Yay! Personal achievement(:

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